October and November 2017 Dividends

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The holidays are upon us and I remembered this morning that I never posted my previous months dividends.  I was busy switching over to a new spreadsheet to track them.  It gives up to date statistics and I can now see my yield on cost.  I will share my new sheet and my financial statement sheet in another article.

October is a slow month for my portfolio.  There were $36.60 in dividends earned by my little workers.  That represents a 235% increase in dividends compared to the same month last year.  The majority of that was from additional purchases of dividend growth stocks made throughout the year.  However I also collected repeat dividends from great companies like KO who increase brought me an additional $.54 just by hanging onto the stocks.

Stocks that paid me dividends: MO, AFSI, CNQ, KO, GE*, and WSR

November was solid with $329.14 in collected dividends.  This represents a 48% YOY increase.  While there was some new stocks purchased this year that are paying me the majority of it was from dividend growth stocks.  While I do like capital appreciation I love getting real cash for owning part of a company.

Stocks that paid me dividends: ABBV, AHGP, T, BWL.A, CAT, DGICA, GAIN, LAZ, PG, UVV, VZA, VZ and WSR

At this point we have collected $2801.35 in dividend income for the year.  This is my best year yet and the nice thing is each year going forward will always be my best year.  The reason being is it is a dividend GROWTH portfolio.  It is not an index where stock weights change and the dividends received are inconsistent from year to year.  In fact when you are a dividend growth investor your dividends naturally grow each year.  Sorry for the redundancy but I just wanted to make sure you understand the key point (and also to remind myself why I do it.)

How is your portfolio holding up?  Are the dividends growing?

Happy holidays all,
Dividend Family Guy

I have found some discrepancies in my old spreadsheet so my graph needs some updating.  Therefore no graph this month…

*GE is no longer a dividend growth stock.  Not selling it just yet though.


  1. Can't complain about solid increases and over $2800 this year. If your portfolio's like mine December should be a really nice haul.

    1. Yep December is always kind to dividend growth investors. Should go out with a bang!
      Later PIP,


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