July 2017 Stock Purchases

For the month of July here are the companies that passed my stock screen and offered enough value to me to either add to or become a partner in their continued dividend growth.

Forward Dividends

Whitestone REIT (WSR) is not a dividend growth stock.  It is a REIT that pays a monthly dividend of $.095.  Why did I buy this?  To be honest I chased a monthly high yield stock.  Sometimes I fall prey to quick money.  Looking back it is way over priced and has NOT increased it's dividend payment ever.  With that said it will not keep up with inflation over time.  At most I can hope for is capital appreciation.  For now I will hold on to it.  The dividends received from it will be used to purchase dividend growth stocks.

My stock in Span-America Medical Systems (SPAN) was bought out and I received cash for them.  That money will be reinvested in other dividend growth stocks.  It was good while it lasted and they never had a dividend cut/only raises.

Happy stock buying,

Dividend Family Guy


  1. At least you are continuing to make purchases. Many have sold out of their stocks or reduced positions to raise cash. Look to the many "traditional" dividend growth stocks. Many are looking more attractive these days as they face many near term headwinds. I'm looking at HRL, GIS maybe GE too. Some are looking at SJM. These companies are hurting now but still sport a safe yield that can grow.

    1. Hi Keith, Yeah I wonder if I should keep more cash or not. Reading a book now that says wait for the beat market...

  2. I am holding all my stocks but not buying any. Even stocks like GIS and SJM look expensive, market will drive them lower to their normal valuation.
    Yield chasing can cost you more in the long term, so be careful of those too good to be true high yields.

    1. Yep most things are expensive. It is hard to find good value these days. My latest screen has some good ones I will publish shortly. Thanks for stopping by ATM.


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