July 2016 Watchlist

I am on a mad dash to get my usual posts done before the end of the month.  Since I will be out on vacation this week here is my very late stock screen results.  I am not sure what happened but I usual like to create this motif in the beginning of the month when the data from dripinvesting.org is the freshest.

Oh well here are the results for July!


The chart should start to fill in within the next couple of days as data is collected by Motif.  The 10 companies in this list have been showing up recently and are still presenting themselves as bargains for the dividend growth community.

The all follow my screen found on my blog.  The have all been paying dividends for 10 or more years which makes them less riskier than the newby dividend payers.  I have fallen to the high growth high yield curse before only to see the dividend cut.  This year we changed that and if you look back at my past motifs they are all doing well.  That is probably true for most people because of the bull run.  I guess my screens will carry more weight when the bear market hits us.

My favorite out of the list is Target.  49 long years of paying dividends and it is sitting at above a 3% yield.  Just because it is my favorite doesn't mean it was number 1 in the screen.  #1 goes to Ameriprise Financial Inc.  It beat out over 700 companies to become #1 based on Value, Growth, Quality and Yield.  I screen on each of these factors and see what bubbles to the top.  The only high score was in the Quality factor.  However a MRQ Price/Book of 2.19 and Debt/Equity of 2.03 are not shabby at all.  

Both these companies look great still mid-July so they are definitely on my watch list.

Any red flags for Ameriprise I should know about?

Happy investing!

Dividend Family Guy


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