DFG April 2016 Watchlist

My April top 10 watchlist has some new companies in it that I have not looked at before.  The DFG stockscreen was updated this month (actually I modified it some time ago but forgot to update the page.)  The biggest change is the additional filter of looking at only Dividend Champions and Contenders.  Anything less than that ups the risk factor.  Since I am trying to create a sustainable income stream companies over 10+ years of growth have survived the great recession (or at least 1 cycle in the stock market.)

I am already long on several companies in this list including ORI, ADM, NUS and IBM.  They have also appeared on my screen on and off for a year it seems. ORI stock price has been going up even though it is a slow dividend grower.  I guess the fear from late last year caused people to put their money in safety.  Another safe bet is ADM who has taken a beating but has been paying increasing dividends for over 40 years.

IBM I wrote a little about in my last post.  I see nothing wrong with them that would cause me any concern regarding a dividend freeze or cut.  They are shifting towards the big-data & cloud models just like Microsoft (also long on MS) and other tech companies.  They are selling off stagnant parts of the company and are on track to start growing overall revenue in a few years.  Sure it takes time to change a company that big but I have faith they can do it.


Nu Skin is one of the first DGI stocks I bought.  That was back when they were facing some legal issues.  It has not slowed and continues to grow at a fantastic rate.  Looking at The Chowder Rule also included in Dave Fish's Spreadsheet shows a remarkable 27.5.  This is the highest out of my top ten.  The only others above 12 where ADM and SPAN.

Speaking of SPAN I think I will have to do some additional research on this newcomer to my watchlist.  Based on what I see it looks very appealing especially since it is healthcare related.  I will take a closer look at them and let you all know what I find out.

Do you own SPAN?  Send me links to any reviews you have done of them.

Thanks and have a good day,

Dividend Family Guy


  1. Hi DFG, I've not looked at SPAN but it's not a stock I would personally buy since it's a micro-cap worth only $50 million. I don't get out of bed for anything below $250 million lol! I like larger companies that hopefully have more flexibility in hard-times because they have more assets.
    Best wishes,

    1. Ah maybe that is why I didn't see much in the blog world on it.


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