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It has been a busy past couple of months for the Dividend Family Guy.  My wife is due with our next installment of the clan in August and I switched jobs in June.  What I thought was a good decision turned out not to be.  Less stress is good right?  Not so much.

The 10% loss of income I talked about some time ago created more friction between me and the Mrs. Than I thought.  Sure we didn't go deeper in debt but my budget was so tight you could bounce a nickel on it.  We weren't living on mac & cheese but we weren't doing much of anything except for free or discounted family fun things.  That didn't really bother me since we had fun regardless of how much it cost.  What has been bugging me is I haven't had any cash to invest no matter how much I trimmed the fat.

Could I have trimmed more?  Sure but it wouldn't have been enough to invest again on a regular basis.  To do that you either have to earn way more money or cut a big item out of the budget.  For me that left earning more money.  Luckily an opportunity presented itself and it came with a nice pay increase.

The company I now work for is a Global Fortune 100 company and I already owned some of its stock.  I am happy to work for a company with a strong brand and reputation and who knows it may be my last job switch.  The stuff we are working on is near and dear to most people's pocket books and could change the industry the company is focusing on.  Vary vague I know but it is good stuff.

The first week of work my manager gave up his conference ticket to me and I was off to New York City.  My coworker and I were in the Financial District for the conference so I snapped a few pictures I thought you all would enjoy.



The Bull - Couldn't get close to my friend that has been helping our accounts for the past couple of years.

We walked this famous street which is open to only foot traffic these days.

Tech problems sure, but the building looked cool.

Another view of the New York Stock Exchange.  I love old buildings.

This one is for you No More Waffles!

AMEX now known as NYSE MKT

Own MCD and probably the flashiest one I have ever seen.

Another time square stock I own.
Last picture but not the least.  We will remember this day forever!


  1. Glad the employment picture worked out for you even if you had to go the long way around to the goal. Looking forward to you joining me in FIRE.

    1. Thanks FV. I am enjoying the new job so far the paychecks are better!

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  3. Hi DFG,

    Congrats on the new job - I hope it's going well for you. I guess given the choice between stress at work and stress at home, I'd go with the stress at work if I had to.

    I assume the new company has a different 401k plan? What changes will be you be making to pre-tax contributions, and what will you do with your old 401k if you have one?

    Best wishes,

    1. Yeah I should have learned that lesson a long time ago. So for all you striving for financial freedom out there ALWAYS make your partner your first priority over anything. Once you achieve that everything else will go smoother. Excellent question DL regarding the 401k and good topic for a quick post.

  4. DFG,

    Ha, awesome, a waffle bar! Too bad I only read your post now. Did you get a waffle? ;)

    I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your job. Apart from some really motivated civil servants I've never seen anyone talk so enthusiasticly about a project or product!

    Hope you find a way to trim the fat a little more while making good with your partner.



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