January 2015 Dividends

I haven't had any extra cash to invest since October of last year but that doesn't stop the dividend machine.  It is a small amount now and as long as dividends aren't cut and continue to grow it will be a sizeable chunk in like a hundred years.  By then I may be long gone but my kids and maybe their kids will reap the rewards. 

Sometimes I wonder if dividend growth investing is the right model at my age with limited savings to invest.  This year will be another minimal investing year as I rebuild my emergency fund and set aside more money in the budget for expenses such as healthcare costs and home repairs.  This money should be kept separate from the emergency fund as it can be planned for from previous year averages.

January dividends totaled $149.68 .  This was a year-over-year increase of 88%.  This was mainly attributed to the purchase of 3 companies.  I have yet to look over dividend increases to see what amount of new dividends were from reinvesting vs. buying YOY.  If anyone has that calculation easily handy pass it along or blog on it.  I could probably figure it out but my lunch is almost over and that is all the time I have to blog with. 

Below is my slightly changed dividend graph.  I have this and last year by month so I can easily gauge if I am heading in the right direction.  Also updated on my Dividendpage.  One day I may actually break it down by each company and share that with you.  For now it is just the sum of all dividends for the month.

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  1. What a great start to the year. Even though you haven't added capital since October, your earlier purchases are still showing up quite strongly. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the year shakes out for you.

    1. I am looking forward to it as well. It at least validates that my money is working for me and as long as I keep that money in dividend growth stocks I will be OK in the long run. Thanks for the comment/encouragement.

  2. Gogogogogogo!

    I like to look at my cash flows from distributions on a quarterly basis though. Otherwise it is really "lumpy."

    1. Yeah I can't wait that long. Helps keep the motivation going. :-)

  3. For sure it is hard to keep on having capital to invest due to high expenses a family brings (I'm in it myself, so I know how you feel!). However, trust in what you're doing. Investing in growth dividend stocks and letting compounding effect play will pay off, maybe even faster than you think.


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