December 2014 Dividends

It was a good month.  December was my best month of the year in my taxable account.  This was mainly because of a cash payout for the transition of my  El Paso Pipeline Partners LP stock over to Kinder Morgan, Inc. 

My IRA took a hit from Q3 because of a dividend elimination by Seadrill (SDRL).  A loss of $100+ in dividend income does sting a little.  That was one of the stocks I bought just looking at the yield before I had any idea how to research a company.  I am still pretty upset about that and haven't decided what to do with the stock (since I have no sell guidelines defined).  At this point it has dropped so much it is nowhere near what I paid so I am holding for now until oil recovers.  If I were to sell I would not generate enough capital to be able to purchase good dividend paying stocks with minimal expense.

In my IRA I got my first dividend from my most recent purchase of Crown Crafts Inc. (CRWS.)  It was a whopping $1.44.  I think that could get me a Wendy's value chicken sandwich. 

Yes it is lunch time and I am thinking about food.  I am trying to get some writing done during lunch.  I was working on my budget totals last night and was just too tired to do much more.  By the time I get my kids to sleep I am about ready to go to bed as well.

The grand total for the month was $461.05.  That does feel good and was a good way to end the year.  All of it was automatically reinvested except for the cash payout.  That will just sit there and collect interest until I have enough capital to make another purchase. 

I hope your month was equally rewarding and can't wait to see everyone's totals for the year.  Go dividends!

Full Disclosure: Long on KMI,SDRL :-( & CRWS.


  1. Wow, great flows of dividends! It seems fairly balance too between your IRA and taxable accounts!

    1. Thanks Henry. It is always nice to see it roll in. Can't wait until my taxable gets bigger.

  2. Congrats on your best month of 2014! I also had a blowout month. Just recently stumbled upon your blog and I really enjoy it. Like you I'm investing for a solid future and my wife and I are planning to have a bunch of kids. Your site is an inspiration for those who are nervous to be a one income household and still invest. Thanks! Have a nice 2015.

    1. Thanks ADD (that probably doesn't shorten up very well :-). Anyways it is nice to hear from someone who will be in my shoes. I will try to post more regarding saving with a larger family. I have made quit a few choices in my life that have caused unnecessary expenses so I hope you and others will learn from them. Look forward to reading your blog.

  3. DFG,

    Great month! Too bad every month can't be as good. ;)

    Best of luck in 2015,

  4. Hi DFG,

    Belated congratulations on a great month - over $450 income is awesome and a nice end to the year!

    Sorry to hear about Seadrill - likewise there's been a lot of posts about ARCP of late too with a similar dividend cut. I must admit that I forbid myself from buying anything with > 6% yield - it's too much risk for me.

    Best wishes,

    1. Yeah maybe I should put a cap in my entry criteria. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I LOVE's always my best months for dividends as well. I always feel so happy to check my brokerage account and see that I made $500+ for doing nothing except having the foresight to invest my money instead of blowing it on junk.


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