Holiday Shopping Finds

The Christmas season is upon us and for the past week I have been sick.  I am behind on allot of things but not so much with the shopping.  My kids are done and I have just a few more presents to buy for the gift exchange with my side of the family.  Here are some of the better deals I picked up.

  • Old Navy - Who doesn't like $12 sweaters.  Stocked up for the family and spent $100.  With that I got $40 in Old Navy cash and another $20 Visa gift card for signing up for Visa Checkout.   Shipping was free.
  • Famous Footwear - Shoes were worn and giving me back problems.  Upon many recommendations I bought 2 pairs of Rockport's.  The sale was buy one get one half off plus another 15% plus $10 coupon I had.  So normally the shoes together would have been $280 and I got them for  $167 or $84 bucks a pair.  I have never spent this much money on shoes but my back has been killing me and I attribute it to poor work shoes.  My last pair were Walmart oxford's I got for $10.  I usually don't get anything (but my family) for Christmas.  This year was a big splurge.  Question is should I wrap my own present or just start wearing them?
  • Amazon - Most of my shopping is done here.  Love the store but don't own any stock in it.  I had $125 in gift cards to use courtesy of my wife and I racking up points with my work's health plan.  We were able to then cash out like 25,000 points for the cards.  Special thanks to my wife for doing 10,000 steps a day for months on end.  We did shop around online to make sure toy prices were the same or lower than other stores (like Toys R Us & Walmart).  Plus we did the free shipping and got $1 credits towards digital music and videos.
    • Lightning deal $11 Little Tikes T-ball set for my son
    • Computer Games for $10 - My kids want an Xbox but we have enough electronics in the house.
    • Hardback books my kids wanted for under $10

That is about it.  My kids don't ask for much and when I ask the wife she asks for nothing.  She does get presents but it is very hard to shop for her.  I recently bought her a new vacuum (another deal on Amazon) and new tires for her car.  My kids told my wife and I that was her present but I don't dare say that.  I have learned over the years that needs don't qualify as gifts. 

Recently I read an article that said to focus your gifts on experiences you can share with the person.  Those tend to make them (and you) the happiest.  The study showed material things don't make you as happy and are less likely to be remembered.  So I just need to think of something affordable in that area.

Have a good holiday season and shoot me a message if you have a frugal experience I can get my wife.


  1. Haha, if my dad gave my mom a vacuum as a present, she would probably divorce him! :)

    Sounds like you made out with quite a lot of deals and didn't spend too much, DFG, great job.


    1. Thanks NMW. I am sure there are better deals out there but with my limited time I am happy about what I got. Thanks for stopping by.


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