October 2014 Dividends

Macro of US QuartersOne of those odd months where I had more dividend come in my smaller taxable account vs. my IR. Here is a quick breakdown. The biggest company being Windstream where I have a large percentage of it in my taxable portfolio. I did switch this dividend to not be automatically reinvested. Instead it went to cash and I used it along with my remaining cash to purchase shares of MCD when it had a good dip this month. I haven't written about McDonald's yet but there are plenty of articles already out there on it.

I did not have a goal for total dividends set for this year since this is the first year I am actively investing in a dividend portfolio. Regardless I am doing quite well with $627.62 of income from my taxed account. This is light-year's past my total dividends from last year. The IRA is doing better at $1,168 but if I were to lose my job or retire early that income doesn't do me much good until I can withdrawal it penalty free.

What was your best buy this month on the market dip?

Full Disclosure: Long on MCD


  1. Congrats on a solid month! Do you have a goal set for dividends in 2015?

    1. Hey Henry,
      I am thinking of taking this year and bumping it 10%. I don't expect any huge raise next year so I will have to get creative to reach that goal. Sound reasonable?

  2. DFG,

    Almost at the $2,000 dividend mark for this year, excellent!
    Glad to be a fellow shareholder of MCD. It seems like you bought into the company at exactly the right time.


    1. Thanks NMW.
      Yeah that is leaps and bounds compared to last year. I will need to keep momentum going. I also like the features you added to your spreadsheet regarding the year of year increases in dividends.

  3. Hi DFG,

    Congrats on $600+ of dividend income a year, that's awesome - and the great thing about it is you'll get more than that amount each year going forward without lifting a finger!

    Best wishes,


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