September 2014 Dividends

Fifteen difference sources of income found their way into my world this month for a grand total of $376.78.  It gives me a bit of comfort knowing as I add companies to my portfolio the sources of income will continue to multiply.  The more steams flowing into my river of wealth the less chance it will dry up just because one of the streams does.  As those streams compound and get bigger they will allow me to take away a stream (income from a job) one day.

The majority of it is from stocks held in an IRA.  These profits I will not count as income until such a time where I can take advantage of the IRA without penalty.  The remaining taxable income is $27 bucks.  This is coming from 6 income streams.  All are currently small but with each passing quarter it is slowly growing.  This covers one trip to fast food joint for the family.  Going forward I am going to start counting this income in my budget post.  A community member got me to understand income is income even if you reinvest it automatically.  If you need it to live off of it is there.

This month is leaps and bounds over September of last year.  Looking back I only received $1.06 in dividends.  With cash flow to invest and picking good companies that grow their dividend I see this higher next year.  Not sure by how much but if I can grow my dividends 10-20% year over year I will be ecstatic.

Hope you all had a good month as well.  What percentage are you looking to grow your dividends every year to reach your goal?


  1. Great job on the dividend. Too bad September didn't surpass June's records, but in due time it most definitely will. Keep at it, cheers!

    1. Thanks Henry. I will have to take a look at June to see why the difference. I have not sold anything. Maybe there was a dividend cut I missed.

  2. Excellent month, DFG!

    Definitely add your dividends to your income! It's the only fair way to represent your income growth over time.

    Keep it up,

    1. Thanks for the comment Waffles. I hope to see that income grow to more than just a few bucks. Slowly but surely I will.

  3. Hi DFG,

    Congrats on going from $1 to $27 this September!

    As for target percentage for next year, I'm still trying to work mine out. I want a realistic target so that I don't end up chasing high yield stocks in trying to reach it - I'm more of a tortoise than a hare!

    Keep growing those dividends!
    Best wishes,


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