My first award (The Liebster)

What is this thing?
Thank you for this prestigious award Living at Home.  Did some quick reading on this award and it is a way for other bloggers to spread the word about new blogs that they enjoy.  The jist is to answer some questions and then formulate your own for another blogger to answer.  Almost like an e-chain letter.  One of the nice things is it bumps you up on the search engines via the chain.

The questions (and my answers)
  • If you won a mini-lottery would do choose $1 million in cold hard cash today or one penny that doubles every day for the next 30 days?  Basically, you start with a penny on day one.  At the end of day two you have two pennies.  Day there it’s four pennies, day four it’s eight pennies, and so on.
    • Good article which I have already read.  The answer is of course 30 days.  The risk of me passing away in 30 days is pretty slim so that is the better option for me.  If I had a terminal illness or was in my 80's I might choose the cool $1 million.

  • Would you rather make memories or money now?
    • Tough question which I have written about a little in my post on my last vacation and the cost of it.  That is another trick question.  The most successful people in life balance both.  You must plan for the future (including your financials) but must also live in the now.  Life is time so you must use it wisely.  I balance it by setting savings goals for investing and setting aside funds to enjoy life.

  • How often do you check up on your investments?
    • I log into my brokerage account a couple of times a week.  Mostly to do research so I would not call that checking up on my investments.  I don't worry about the prices as the companies I invest in are for the long term.

  • What are your career goals?
    • Use my skillset to work for a company that truly helps mankind.  Will mostly be a not for profit so that is why I am building up my portfolio now to help with income.

  • Have you ever slipped on a banana peel?
    • Can't say that I have.  In fact I do not know of anyone who ever has except when playing Mario Cart.

Part 2 of the Award
Now the next step is to some up with some nominations and questions of my own.

  1. Why is the sky blue?
  2. If everyone knows saving is good and you should not spend more that you make why is America the way it is?
  3. If you were an old billionaire (say $10 billion) would how would you split up your money between family and other things important to you?
  4. Is a house a worth it?  I don't see many supper frugal people blog about owning one.
  5. How much time do you research stocks you invest in?


There is one that I just started reading and it looks like he has not posted about the award yet.  It is the Dividend SWAN.  He is a fellow dividend investment blogger.  


  1. Thanks for accepting the nomination! And taking time to answer the questions. Yeah, the money or memories now is a tough. I'm having trouble finding a balance between that at the moment.

    And great nomination, I enjoy following Dividend SWAN on his progress.


  2. Your welcome Henry. It was fun.

  3. Very interesting questions and very interesting answers. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. The DFG,

    Great job and responses to being nominating. Thanks for considering nominating me. I will gladly accept your nomination.

  5. Welcome SWAN! We are in a similar boat so keep at it. I enjoy your blog.


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