June 2014 Dividends

For the month of June I decided to also include my IRA that I started in April.  I started a new job this year and transferred my 401k from my previous employer to a place where I was in control.  This gave me the freedom to focus on quality stocks that pay decent dividends.  I do contribute 6% pretax into my current employer's 401k.  This is solely to get the "free" money they match.  The only downside to that is I won't be 100% vested in until I work for them for 4 years.  I guess that makes it not entirely free.  I will probably include those numbers as well when I post my net worth.

My taxable account generated a whopping $26.31.  That is barely enough money to buy my family one meal at a fast food restaurant.  It isn't much but it is something I know will continue to grow over time.

My IRA is about 4 times the size of my taxable account.  For June this generated $379.86.  This is enough income to pay for my electric, gas and cable bills.  Not bad at all.  Unfortunately I can't touch this until I am well past my goal of early retirement.

This is my best month yet with a combined total of $406.17.   See the numbers on my dividends page.

How was June for you?


  1. Will you be posting your stock holdings and asset allocation? I'm curious what's in your portfolio and what investments you put in your 401k vs. taxable accounts :)

    In my case, I separate my taxable dividend income portfolio from retirement accounts entirely. I hope to be able to retire just on the taxable dividend income portfolio, so the retirement accounts will either be a safety net or the icing on the cake depending how my taxable investments work out!

    My retirement portfolio is 60/40 stocks/bonds - if I included my taxable income portfolio in that mix, it'd be much heavier on stocks. I know retirement literature recommends a single portfolio view but I like to keep them separate.

    Enjoy your day and happy 4th July!

    1. Same here. I plan on retiring solely on my taxable portfolio. Got a long way to go on that one. Yes I will be posting my holdings shortly. Getting time to blog is not easy with a family and job.

  2. That's a very nice increase from the previous months. Congrats! June was a busy month for dividends as that's when most companies pay their dividends. I had dividends coming in every other day in June, good times...

    1. June is a good month (I was born in June.) All those dividends are a nice birthday present. Thanks for reading!

  3. The Dividend Family Guy,

    Good work there. Increasing that income to cover several things. I plan on using my taxable account for early FI too. Good move I think rolling over the old 401K to IRA especially if anything like my work plan where only funds are available. I have a couple decent selections, but I prefer picking my own individual stocks.

    I seperate my Roth IRA and 403b from taxable accounts, but like to monitor them too.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement DWI. Looking at all my accounts does help motivate me. I plan on relying on the taxable account some day and keeping the rest in my back pocket in case something happens to me when I am older and can draw from it (unforeseen medical bills or something).

  4. DFG,

    Great job. Over $400 in one month for passive dividend income is really solid. I'm guessing much of your attention might go to growing the taxable account now with sizable assets in traditional retirement accounts?

    Keep up the great work!

    Best wishes.

    1. Correct. That IRA won't do me much good if I want to retire early.
      Thanks DM for reading your feedback is definitely welcome.


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