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After working, getting the kids to the dentist, working some more, cooking dinner, playing with the kids, bathing and getting them to bed, I had a few minutes this evening to add a page to my blog.  It is dividends I have been receiving since I purchased my first stocks way back in 2010.  Do not laugh to much at my initial years.  Some money reinvested into more stocks that pay dividends year over year is better than no money. 

In some future post I will go over what stocks are generating these dividends.  I will say that in 2010 I new nothing about investing and just purchased some stocks I read about in an article.  Not such a good choice but I haven't sold them yet.  Maybe after taking a closer look at my portfolio with you I will be able to send some of those stocks packing.  It is late and I have to get up early to go work at a JOB.  Just saying that word makes me want to save more money.  I will go into more detail in the future.  

How do my dividends look?


  1. I stumbled across your blog from DivHut's blog. Blog looks great, I added it to my feed. Good luck with everything, hope to see more from you soon!

    1. Thank you LAH. BTW my wife is a stay at home mom so in a way she too is Living At Home.


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