DFG March 2018 Frugalmaster Results

March 2018

Using the Frugalmaster machine (your mind) often results in a happier life and a fuller wallet.  You use this machine every time you decide to delay gratification of stuff and instead focus your energies on what makes you happier.

FrugalMaster Notes 
Still paying extra $700 in principle
Repair work on the minivan
Extra week of food shopping.  We ate out once and got pizza once.  Need to curb that since next month I will be unemployed.
Such a drain (get it?)
Candy bar sale for our church ended.  We sold a bit and bought some for ourselves.  I didn't deposit the cash in time so we will see a dip in this category next month.
Home Maintenance/
Finished some trim work that was never done.  Repaired moldy caulk in bathroom and kitchen.  Performed touch up painting on walls and trim around the house.

Health & Fitness
Weights for me and new glasses for my son
Personal Care



Everything Else

Well that is allot of money
Minus mortgage

It was a nice day so my son decided to roll down the window.  Problem was it didn't go back up and winter was still much in full swing in March.  Try as I might I couldn't get the window back up to tape it closed.  We had to make a long distance trip so we decided to get it fixed.

Overall we managed to save and were able to sock away 30% of our income (above and beyond 401k contributions.)  Most of that savings was from our federal and state tax refunds.

Not much else to say other than next month we will really need to tighten the frugal belt as there will only be one paycheck for the month and then I am officially unemployed.  This will be a true test of buying only what we really need.

How was your March?

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