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DFG March 2018 Frugalmaster Results

Using the Frugalmaster machine (your mind) often results in a happier life and a fuller wallet.You use this machine every time you decide to delay gratification of stuff and instead focus your energies on what makes you happier.
Category Spent FrugalMaster Notes Housing/
Insurance $2,260 Still paying extra $700 in principle Transportation $831 Repair work on the minivan Food $823 Extra week of food shopping.We ate out once and got pizza once.Need to curb that since next month I will be unemployed. Utilities $798 Such a drain (get it?) Gifts/Charity $419 Candy bar sale for our church ended.We sold a bit and bought some for ourselves.I didn't deposit the cash in time so we will see a dip in this category next month. Home Maintenance/
Supplies $334 Finished some trim work that was never done.Repaired moldy caulk in bathroom and kitchen.Performed touch up painting on walls and trim around the house. Shopping $260
Health & Fitness $255 Weights f…

DFG March 2018 Dividend Income

The goal of dividend growth investing is to create an income stream from many companies that increase their dividend each year.To protect the income stream they should also be a diversified set of stocks across the many sectors of the industry.Let's see what companies worked for me and deposited those profits into my accounts.

Account Company Dividend ($) Brokerage International Business Machines Corp. 7.5 Brokerage Old Republic International Corporation 76.64 IRA Exxon Mobil Corporation 85.47 IRA International Business Machines Corp. 100.5 IRA Target Corporation 62 IRA Archer Daniels Midland Co 33.5 IRA Whitestone REIT 9.5 IRA Old Republic International Corporation 161.66 IRA Delta Air Lines, Inc. 0.31 IRA Duke Energy Corp 5.34 IRA

April 2018 Dividend Growth Watchlist

Company Name Symbol Industry No. Years Dividend Yield Sector EPS% Payout +/-% vs. Graham Chowder Rule Prudential Financial Inc. PRU Insurance 10 3.48 Financials 32.00 (42.4) 16.9 Principal Financial Group Inc. PFG Financial Services 10 3.35 Financials 34.87 (20.4) 23.1 CVS Health Corp. CVS Retail-Drugstores 14 3.21 Consumer Staples 30.86 (15.6)

Investment Disclaimer

This webpage is provided for general information only and nothing contained in the material constitutes a recommendation for the purchase or sale of any security. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at dividendfamilyguy at gmail dot com.