Unemployed Dividend Investor

It is week 3 of my unemployment.  House projects are coming along nicely but there seems to be an endless stream of them.  The stream is a result of having lots of kids I prefer to spend time with and putting off most of the stuff until now.  No complaints here though as it gives me something to do in between phone screens.

It appears that I have aged myself out of most jobs.  By that I mean I cost too much and am over qualified.  While that is flattering I may have to set aside my ego and take a step back in my current career to provide for the family.

In short I won't be buying any stocks this month.  With cash now being king I am saving every penny I can in case I need to dip into emergency funds once the severance package is spent.

I am still working out (free weights) and talking to friends which keeps my spirits high.  Also we had an Easter celebration with my side of the family last weekend.  Seeing all of them always makes me happy.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I have learned having no income and no long term safety net (enough dividends to cover my expenses) is a bit stressful.




  1. Keep plugging. You'll find something. Labor market is tightest its been since the 2008 blowup.

    1. It is and old timers like me are now overqualified compared to the college grads.

  2. DFG -

    Def. will be keeping you in our thoughts. You will persevere through this, I know it.


  3. Hi DFG,
    Hope you find something soon!
    Wishing you all the best,
    - DL

    1. Good to hear from you DL. Thank you for the thoughts.


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