January 2018 Dividends

The goal of dividend growth investing is to create an income stream from many companies that increase their dividend each year.  To protect the income stream they should also be a diversified set of stocks.  My portfolio has been a bit heavy in the financial sector which are usually the hardest hit in a recession.  Luckily last year was good and one of those stocks paid an extra dividend.

Old Republic International Corporation (ORI) has been on the DFG watchlist for some time now.  While the dividend growth rate is less than spectacular everything else looked good to me.  So overtime I have been picking up more shares.  At the end of January they paid a special $1 dividend.  It is probably the closest I will come to winning a lottery so I am very happy.

Here are the companies that paid dividends to DFG in January:

AmTrust Financial Services Inc
Cardinal Health Inc
Gladstone Investment Corporation
General Electric Company
Old Republic International Corporation
SCANA Corporation
Whitestone REIT


This additional boost of income has gotten the DFG family off to a great start this year and has definitely skewed the YOY chart so much that I can barely make out my 2017 January income.

With the additional funds I have been able to pick up some great dividend growth stocks over the first few weeks in February.  The additional purchases and slimming the financial sector will get my portfolio in a more balanced state.  I hope you had a great January collecting dividends and I hope you are NOT worrying about the market.  Capital appreciation is great but dividends are by far better!

Take care,
Dividend Family Guy


  1. CELEBRATING your success! Congrats and what a way to start off 2018.

    1. Thank you Dividend Driven. It was a great start!.

  2. DFG,

    Man that's a crazy YoY increase and huge special dividend total from ORI. It really does dwarf your totals from Jan 2017. It seems like you have a pretty healthy weighting in ORI compared to the other companies that paid in January. Are you looking to diversify out of that by trimming it back some or just funneling dividends and new capital into other positions? Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Hey PIP, Yes I was able to trim back on it before all of this craziness started. Still heavy in the financials but I will get there.

  3. Hello DFG.... first time visitor here. Wow, a sweet dividend from ORI, indeed. That definitely gets you off to a terrific start for 2018. It appears you would have had a solid month even without it.
    I own CAH and SCG. What are your plans for SCG? Are you holding out for the merger with D?

    1. Hi Engineering Dividends,
      Unfortunately I read to much news and was spooked by the volatility of SCG. Sold out on it. D is my actual utility so I will need to check them out. Maybe I should have held them ;-)
      Thanks for stopping by,

  4. DFG -

    Special dividend or not, you made the investment and the investment is paying off : ) Congrats!


    1. Yep sometimes it pays to have your money all in (the market). You never know what you will miss sitting on the sidelines. Thanks Lanny.

  5. Nice work and fantastic income. Congrats on the bonus!

    1. Thanks passiveCanadian. That income will help get me closer to freedom by reinvesting in more dividend growth stocks.

  6. Holy crap!!! That ORI dividend is huge. Do you plan to even out your dividend payments going forward so as to not become overly reliant on just a handful of dividend stocks for the majority of your income? Either way an impressive total for the month.

    1. Yeah more diversification is needed. I did manage to sell off some ORI and reinvested it in other excellent dividend growth stocks. However bargains are hard to find. The market needs to drop further...


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