My Holiday Wish

I write this after being up since 3 AM with 3 sick kids.  Sorry for the bad grammar.  I was watching a movie the other night while wrapping presents for the kids and it dawned on me that the movie is what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

The premise of the movie was something like a well-to-do family with a single income loses that income.  The spoiled kids loose everything and the family looses the house.  The father had been kind to a stranger and the stranger crosses paths with them while they are homeless.  He takes them into his house, he dies, and leaves his estate to them.  Through the process of being homeless and working for this guy they learn that things are not important in life.  Being kind is more important and the family heals and becomes super awesome.  The estate is basically a Christmas tree farm.  The guy was rich (but frugal) and gave the trees away for free to anyone who stopped by (and he also took trees to those in need.)

I have always wanted a farm and in college I was a forestry major before switching to computer engineering (to pay those awful student loans.)  The problem is farms are expensive where I live.  That would be the best feeling in the world to be kind to people full time (and not have to worry about your next paycheck.)  Heck I even wanted to grow organic fruits and vegetables to give to food pantries and kitchens.

In a few months I will be open to new opportunities so if someone has a farm they don't want and want to give it to me, let me know.  It would be the best present I have ever received (besides my kids ;-)

Happy Holidays,

Dividend Family Guy


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