Black Friday Deals for 2017 (not my turkey)
While searching for great Black Friday deals I came across a few that are hands down the best deals around for this year.  In fact they are so good they apply to all future years in your life.

Deal #1
Don't go anywhere or do any shopping.  This alone could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Instead invest that money and earn lifetime interest via the power of compounding.  Plus the reduction in stress will add 10 years to your life (I am sure I read that somewhere.)

Deal #2
Spend the gift of time.  After you perform deal #1 you will have time on your hands.  You could spend that time sitting in front of the TV or playing electronic games.  But you could spend your valuable time by giving that gift to your loved ones.  Play with your kids or challenge the spouse to a game of ping-pong or Monopoly.

Deal #3
Eat in.  Since you will not have shopped until you dropped you will have plenty of time and energy to cook a delicious meal at home.  Sure I screw up on my meals from time to time like when my bread comes out like flat bread.  But the kids enjoy it just the same as when we have gone out to eat.

So this Friday I will start the day cooking up something good for breakfast.  Then the DFG family will spend the day, together, putting up holiday decorations and wind the day down with a slow cooker ham.  This will start the holiday season off with loads of no stress and happiness.

What are you doing Friday?

Happy T-Day,


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