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August & September 2017 FrugalMaster Results

With October close to being over I just remembered I am two months behind on sharing with you how I am progressing in my quest for financial freedom.  Sharing with the community is important as it might give hope to those who are just starting to save and are looking for some inspiration or tips. It is important to me because it is almost like confession of my financial sins.  Some months I am an angel and some months I am possessed with the consumerist devil.
August Home, food, shopping and utilities (including cellular) dominated the month of August in that order.  I continue my extra principal payments in an effort to have the house paid off in10 years.
Food came in second which includes eating out and junk food. If I could persuade the family to eliminate the unhealthy and unnessacary our food bill for 7 would only have been $641 or $92 per person.  My wife's sister and her family were in from out of town for a week.  In retrospect we should have just had everyone over for a …

September 2017 Dividends

Company Symbol Held In Dividend  Amount Received September Notes Archer Daniels Midland ADM IRA 0.320  $                       32.00
Archer Daniels Midland ADM Taxable 0.320  $                         2.16
BHP Billiton Ltd BHP Taxable 0.860  $                         1.72 7.5% increase BHP Billiton PLC BBL Taxable 0.860  $                         1.72 7.5% increase Brinker Intl EAT IRA

October 2017 Dividend Growth Watchlist

The watchlist looks pretty much the same as last month.  I did include my 11th pick only because the Graham index was showing it as a good price (and the yield isn't bad either).  A look at SCANA Corp. shows some projects have been cancelled and that is why the stock took a hit. 

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