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September 2017 Dividend Growth Watchlist

Here are my top 10 companies that I am watching in September.  These companies all pass the Dividend Family Guy stock screen and are worthy of further research.
ADM is back on the list and GAP (GPS) has fallen off.  Some recent positive analysis and news has caused GAP to surge.  Its PE is still low at 13.33 and the dividend yield is still above 3 so I will still keep them in my digital watchlist.
Around September 5 ADM would have been a good by but that ship has sailed and the price has climbed the rest of this month.  PE is at 18.59 and the dividend has dropped to 2.92%.

Company Name Symbol Industry No. Years Dividend Yield Sector EPS% Payout +/-% vs. Graham AmTrust Financial Services Inc. AFSI Financial Services 11 5.48 Financials 65.38 (34.5) Lazard Limited LAZ Financial Services 10 3.82 Financials 45.43 49.3 Finish Line Inc. (The) FINL

August 2017 Dividends

I hope T-Mobile doesn't steal too many customers from Verizon and Sprint because both pay be well every quarter.  From above you can see I own stocks in multiple accounts each spitting out money into my pocket from VZ and T.
Company Symbol Held In Dividend Amount Received August Notes Abbvie Inc ABBV IRA $0.640 $32.27
Alliance Holdings Group LP AHGP Taxable $0.730 $0.73 33% Div Increase AT&T T IRA $0.490 $61.30
AT&T T Taxable $0.490 $4.41
AT&T T Taxable $0.490 $4.41

July 2017 Stock Purchases

For the month of July here are the companies that passed my stock screen and offered enough value to me to either add to or become a partner in their continued dividend growth.
Stock Quantity Price Forward Dividends AFSI 2 15.87 $1.36/yr MO 1 65.60 $.66/yr WSR 100 12.79 $114/yr
Whitestone REIT (WSR) is not a dividend growth stock.  It is a REIT that pays a monthly dividend of $.095.  Why did I buy this?  To be honest I chased a monthly high yield stock.  Sometimes I fall prey to quick money.  Looking back it is way over priced and has NOT increased it's dividend payment ever.  With that said it will not keep up with inflation over time.  At most I can hope for is capital appreciation.  For now I will hold on to it.  The dividends received from it will be used to purchase dividend growth stocks.
My stock in Span-America Medical Systems (SPAN) was bought out and I received cash for them.  That money will be reinvested in other dividend growth stocks.  It was good while it lasted and th…

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