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June 2017 Dividends

Ah the feeling of sweet hard cold cash rolling into my accounts.  It was my best month so far this year.  $450.41 total which included $423.25 into my IRA and another $27.16 into my regular (taxable) account.  I don't include my regular account in my income as that is always reinvested into more companies which keeps the snowball growing.
Overall there were 8 increases.  Some were double digit growth and some < 1%.  Below is the list and any notes I made. Company Symbol Held In Dividend Amount Received June Notes Helmerich Payne Inc HP Taxable  $           0.700  $                             0.70
Intel Corp INTC Taxable  $           0.273  $                             0.82 5% increase Wal-mart Stores Inc WMT Taxable  $           0.510  $                             7.65
Archer Daniels Midland ADM Taxable  $           0.320

Distance to Work Does Matter

Ever since I became a disciple of MMM I have dreamed of biking to work.  This dream has some roadblocks specifically I don't own a bike and my drive to work was 49 minutes solid over a rolling 23.4 miles.  To bike it would have taken me 2 hours and 10 minutes each way.  I am not in that great of shape and would not be able to function at work by the time I got there. 
Even 49 minutes each way was hard on me and the family.  I switched to that job back in October 2016 with the hope of being an IT architect and bringing in more income.  The hope also included my family being OK with a longer commute.
While work was more satisfying my personal life slowly deteriated.  My back problems worsened sitting for that long of time.  I would rush in the morning to get the kids to school, speed to work and still be late.  When I finally got to work I was already stressed out.  Rinse and repeat on the way home to make dinner in time.  If all went well I would get a whopping 1/2 hour with the …

July 2017 Dividend Growth Watchlist

Company Name Symbol Industry No. Years Dividend Yield Sector EPS% Payout AmTrust Financial Services Inc. AFSI Financial Services 11 4.49 Financials 41.21 Archer Daniels Midland ADM Agriculture 42 3.09 Consumer Staples 54.01 Williams-Sonoma Inc. WSM Retail-Home Products 12 3.22 Consumer Discretionary 45.35 Lazard Limited LAZ Financial Services 10 3.54 Financials 50.77

June 2017 FrugalMaster Results

Summer is here and I tend to spend as much time outside as possible.  To get more exercise I have taken it upon myself to wake up early every morning and do yard work (some call it gardening).  I do this for about an hour before coming in to get ready for work.  It is very relaxing being outside when all is quiet (especially since the rest of the family is still sleeping.)
The outside work also tends to bump up my home costs during the summer.  However that is budgeted for the year.  I do not look at it as money lost because it improves the curb appeal of the house for when we sell.  I was reading some article that explained that your house will sell faster as the outside is the first thing potential buyers see.  This makes sense as it is a reflection of how well you take care of the house in general.
This month there was a large jump in health related expenses.  This was due to me being diagnosed with scoliosis.  I guess I have always had it and my back problems were getting worse. …

Investment Disclaimer

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