Life is not always a box of chocolates

My wife would argue that title since that is her favorite food group.  That was the best title I could come up with this morning.  It was that or my usual FrugalMaster results for April and I felt like a change. 

I have mentioned it before but my brother (who was only 3 years older than me) was diagnosed with brain cancer.  The surgery went fine to remove the tumor and he was slated to go home the next day (after many weeks of recovery.)  They had removed him from any monitors so in the middle of the night his brain decided to start bleeding and he silently passed away.

When God calls you home I suppose that is the best way to go.  He was a good man which I already knew but I didn't know he was a great man.  The line at the wake was 3 1/2 hours long of people he had affected come to offer their condolences.  His wife stood through the whole thing never taking a break. 

Ah yes he did leave behind a wife and 3 kids (one of them who is handicap).  I know how they are feeling as my father passed away when I was 18.  It sucks for a while but friends, family and time help you through it.  I pray they stay strong and together.

Things I learned from the people I spoke with:
  1. He was corny (at work and at home)
  2. He never got angry (his ears did turn red from time to time)
  3. He brought a second lunch to work (part hobbit maybe?)
  4. He taught many kids that doing good deeds and caring about the world and those in it is the most important thing in life (he was a leader in a boys club)

Well don't feel like writing more than that.  He will be missed.

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