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October 2016 Frugalmaster Results

I am beginning to realized I am always over budget on some category(s) each month and under on others.  I was over on 2 and under or on target for 4.  I guess that is good but I am starting to wonder if budgets are right for me.  I will dwell on that this holiday season and see if I want to further simply my life come next year.
Income was belownormal
Not only can I not keep under budget on everything but I can't keep my income steady either.  The job market is extremely hot in the software industry and I changed jobs again.  This time I have taken on a role in the industry as an architect.  It  only took me a long 18 years but I finally did it!  I am going from bi-weekly paychecks back to twice monthly paychecks.  With the slight delay I only pulled in 3 weeks of salary for the month.

Needs were overbudget
I had sent out for a reimbursement for my wife's vehicle.  There was a recall on a part that we had fixed back in February.  The check came in for the that but it wasn't…

November 2016 Dividend Growth Watchlist

Well it is near the end of the month and I think I missed this boat.  These stocks are doing great this month but then again the DOW just crossed 19,000 today.  It is actually kind of scary that there hasn't been a market correction.  With that said some companies have stayed on the list.
GAP finally fell off the list and replaced by one of the more talked about stocks lately in the community, V.F. Corp.

One of my goals for the year is to get my wife's spousal IRA opened so when the time is right I can invest for the both of us.  Time is flying and I need to get my contributions in place in the next couple of months.

Give thanks!
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October 2016 Dividends

It was not a very active month from the new portfolio.  A grand total of $10.82 of cash was deposited into my accounts.  I will probably leave it there and take the dividends from next month together with this month to make my next purchase based on probably my December top 10
Company Symbol Held In  Dividend Amount Received October Notes Coca-Cola Co. KO Taxable $0.350  $0.70
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. CNQ Taxable $0.175  $0.44
General Electric Co GE Taxable $0.230  $0.93
Coca-Cola Co. KO IRA $0.350  $8.75

Investment Disclaimer

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