Murphy Oil Sale

Murphy Oil (MUR) is the first cut of the year for me and last one since KMI.  It was purchased when I was a Motif customer group together with 9 other dividend growth stocks in a November purchase (see Motif below).  There is always a risk when you play in the energy area.  Almost all have either frozen or cut dividends. 

Who would have guessed that oil prices would stay this low for an extended period of time.  My fuel costs for this year are at an all time low allowing me to save more.  Unfortunately my portfolio only has room for dividend growth stocks.  I used one of my free trades from Merrill so overall I broke even on my short run with them.  Bye bye Murphy Oil I won't miss you.

Did any of you drop them with the dividend cut?  I am curious if the yield was enough to keep you with the company.

Happy investing,

Dividend Family Guy



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