DFG June 2016 Stock Screen Top 10

I had set this up earlier this month and forgot to share my stock screen with you all for the lovely month of June.

If I had bought The Gap Inc. I would have been in a great position.  GPS is already up 12.6% for the month.   See what happens when you have a family and no time :-)

There are a couple other companies that are up this month as well and would be great investments for my portfolio if they continue to show up in my screen.

Meredith Corp. (MDP) is up 7.1 %
Bar Harbor Bankshares Inc (BHB) is up 9.6%
Cummins Inc. (CMI) is up 7.2%. 

Cummins keeps showing up on the screen so I keep increasing my position with them. 

Of course Best Buy was in the screen but has continued to deteriorate and is down 7.1% for the month.

Target makes the list and is pretty steady this month.  I see nothing wrong at this time that would stop me from buying more. 


I am long on ORI, CMI and TGT.

Anyone worried about TGT long term?  

Happy investing,
Dividend Family Guy


  1. DFG,
    Just came across your blog. You are on the right track with dividend paying stocks and long term positions.

    I have purchased TGT 3 times over the last 3 years at the urging of my wife and it will continue as a long term hold for us. I do worry about brick and motar retailers in general but TGT seems to be doing just fine. In our college town they compete against WMT but do just fine. The registers are usually 4-5 deep when ever I go there.

    Personally I like B&M retail for purchases as they make returning items so easy if needed.

    BTW retirement on Dividend income does work and work well. We are living the dream.

    Good luck on your journey.

    Div Nut

    1. I will have to check you out Nut. If your already living the dream I want to see how you got there! Thanks for dropping buy. When I searched for you I came across this dividend paying stock lol, http://www.dividendinformation.com/NUT_dividends/

  2. DFG,
    I am on Seeking Alpha as Dividend Nut.

    My wife and I retired a year ago at 58 and 60 and have been living well off dividend income.

    We have always lived below our means, saved like crazy and have been investing since our 20's.

    Our portfolio yield is 3.9% - 4.1% depending in the market value with a YOC of 4.5%.

    Dividend Nut

    1. Thanks for the link DivNut. I will enjoy reading your stories and learning from you.

  3. I only look at stocks that have increased their dividend for 20+ years so the only one you mentioned is MDP, which also has a low PE of only 13.

    1. Yeah mine are 15+. This gives me a little large list from the screen to work with and research. I figured if you can last through the Great Recession you can survive the long haul.


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