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January 2016 Update

I missed a positive month by a mere $89!  On the bright side I did that with only 2 weeks of pay.  But DFG there are 4 weeks in January you say.  That is correct.  This was yet another crazy month in my world. 
A friend had called me up in November regarding a job opening where he worked.  You own your career is the mantra an old boss taught me.  It was 30 minutes less of a drive to/from work and I liked working with my friend in the past.  Another thing a friend of mine taught me is you should go on interviews or at least do phone ones even if you are not looking for a job.  You never know when the hammer will fall and you will be sitting at home without a job.  Just like public speaking, the more you do it the easier it gets. 
Long story short I progressed through the process and was offered a similar salary but with better health benefits and vacation.  All signs pointed to yes so I started 1 week into January.  I was paid for that final week and then my new job delays pay by a wee…

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