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November & December Budget Plus Dividend 2015 Year End Catch Up

November November was almost normal.  Food jumped up to my budget max because of the holidays and my wife persuaded me into buying a new washer dryer set that was $600 off and no interest for six months.  So I lied it wasn’t a normal month. 
That $1400 set me over my budget and gave me my 3rd month of the year with no savings.  They are Maytag so they should hopefully last 10 years.  Plus they use very little water compared to our old machines and they are the XL size. My wife was spending most of her time doing laundry and we can pack those babies up and cut the loads in half.  I also hope they bring my super-sized water/sewer bill down and pay for themselves.
November also starts my Christmas shopping season.  With that said my 'wants' category also was over budget.  The washer/dryer was logged under Misc. Needs.  Our old washer and dryer were still in working order so those are sitting in my garage and I need to find someone to donate them to.

As far as November dividends…

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