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October 2015 Budget & Savings

Income & Expenses My income is pretty consistent now however I wish I could say the same for my expenses.  A few more bills trickled in from the birth of my daughter.  Only another 1100 dollars for general hospital services.  I ranted about the healthcare industry last month so I will not do it again.  So what else was over or under?  Let's take a look.

Auto K Both the minivan and car are doing great.  Just fuel expenses and the cost of gas is low in my area.  I saw it for $1.89 just yesterday.
Personal J Over budget in several sub-categories this month.  The first one being healthcare which includes my son's braces.  I pray this goes back to normal in November as the Christmas season is upon me and anything I had saved went to pay hospital bills. 
We continue to go over in childcare because of unbudgeted diapers and just buying clothes for my ever growing children.  So far we are $2000 over budget in this sub-category.  This will definitely need to be revisited next year.

October 2015 Dividends

Hopefully this will be the last month were not much has happened.Just sitting back (not really, been raking leaves) and collecting income.Another purchase I should not have made presented itself to me.CRWS I noticed hasn't raised its dividend in years.If only I could go back in time before I knew what to look at for a good purchase and change those decisions.You live and you learn so going forward these won't happen again.Until they cut the dividend I will just keep collecting it.

Company Held In Dividend Paid (Qtr) Amount Received Shares of life purchased October GPC IRA 0.615 $6.98 0.0842
UBSI IRA 0.32 $7.69 0.881
CRWS IRA 0.08 $1.48 0.1829 Not a dividend growth stock T IRA 0.47 $50.91 1.5192

Investment Disclaimer

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