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September 2015 Expenses and Savings

Income & Expenses September the bills from the birth of our child came rolling in.  Even as I write this I am still getting bills from the hospital in October.  Even though I saved to be able to pay the deductible I got lost in the rest of the explanation of my medical benefits.  Basically I learned HSA's suck.  Especially the ones with a high deductible.
When I switched jobs I looked at the regular health insurance where you do a copay and the insurance company covers the rest.  I added up the higher monthly costs for those and the HSA (monthly cost plus the $5500 deductible.)  The HSA was $1000 cheaper per year and my company puts up to $1600 into the HSA if you get a physical and do some other online activities to learn about better health.
Sounds good right?  Well even after you pay the $5500 out of pocket (I saved for that) you still have to pay %20 of anything on top of that up to $12,000.  What??  Yeah that is crazy.  Basically I am footing most of the bill for anythin…

September 2015 Dividends

Another great month of not working for money (well at least from dividends collected.)  I still had to go to work to earn a living for the family and generate additional cash to invest on dividend growth stocks.
The stocks listed below are ones that deposited money into my account or were reinvested during this month.  I do not count dividends I having received yet (kinda like stock, not worth much until you sell them.)

Company Held In Dividend Paid (Qtr) Amount Received Shares of life purchased September CVX IRA 1.07 9.83 0.1312 6th straight quarter without an increase! MSFT IRA 0.31 7.69 0.1785
TGT IRA 0.56 9.87 0.1279 Yeah 7.6% increase! ED IRA 0.65 51.46 0.8215

Investment Disclaimer

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