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August 2015 Budget and Savings

Income & Expenses I just realized today that I did not send this out shortly after I totaled up my dividends.  Time flies when you go to work, rush home help out with the kids, crash into bed and then start it all over again.  I truly enjoyed the few weeks at home after the baby was born.  No rushing around and I spent more time with the kids.  August was when the baby was born so expenses will be going up.  Diapers, baby food, etc plus the additional cost of health insurance for the baby.  I did save up enough to cover my health insurance deductible so that won't cause any further debt.  Income was normal with 2 paychecks.

I was over budget in 5 categories this month which caused me to go over my overall budget by $200.  Guild Free Spending Monday was $90 over as the kids and I dined out several times while my wife was in the hospital and we visiting with her.  Added to that was my zoo membership.  For a mere $80 I get unlimited visits to the zoo for the family.  We go sever…

August 2015 Dividends

Company Held In Dividend Paid (Qtr.) Amount Received Shares of life purchased Notes T IRA $0.47 $50.23 1.4459
WGL IRA $0.46 $48.51 0.8678
NWN IRA $0.47 $48.92 1.1008
AGNC Taxable $0.20 $5.67

EROC Taxable $0.07 $0.39

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