Monday, September 28, 2015

August 2015 Budget and Savings

Income & Expenses
I just realized today that I did not send this out shortly after I totaled up my dividends.  Time flies when you go to work, rush home help out with the kids, crash into bed and then start it all over again.  I truly enjoyed the few weeks at home after the baby was born.  No rushing around and I spent more time with the kids.  August was when the baby was born so expenses will be going up.  Diapers, baby food, etc plus the additional cost of health insurance for the baby.  I did save up enough to cover my health insurance deductible so that won't cause any further debt.  Income was normal with 2 paychecks.

I was over budget in 5 categories this month which caused me to go over my overall budget by $200.  Guild Free Spending Monday was $90 over as the kids and I dined out several times while my wife was in the hospital and we visiting with her.  Added to that was my zoo membership.  For a mere $80 I get unlimited visits to the zoo for the family.  We go several times a year so it easily pays for itself.

The second category over was childcare.  School clothes and supplies continued to pile up despite our best efforts to reuse and buy low.  On top of that was some diapers.  The best thing out of the month was stocking up on $10 jeans at Old Navy for the kids (and their future selves).

Surprisingly food was $150 over my generous budget.  I did buy several build food items from Amazon in an effort to save in the long run.  That combined with my food shopping cycle just added up for the month.

The fourth was household items.  We needed some new towels as the old ones were falling apart after 5 years of use.  I also took a trip to Lowes and purchased some trim and paint to fix up our master bath.  I had big plans to get it done in August before the baby was born.  The baby came a week early so this project is on hold for some time.

Last was personal care which includes toothpaste, shampoo, soap and other items I care not to talk about that women need.  The kids and I also got haircuts which adds up quick even though it is $13 a cut.  It all adds up quick and I ran $77 over budget there.

Savings & Summary

It has been a good year so far and I have continued that in August with a 15% savings rate.  Even though I was over budget in a few categories I still managed to save a decent amount of after tax income.  This extra income I can now use to purchase dividend producing stocks that will grow their dividends over time.  This will ensure the income keeps up or exceeds inflation.  That extra income will then be used to purchase more stocks and continue to increase my income.

Some of that savings was from one of my loan payments being returned to me.  Not sure why yet and I am following up with the bank.  By my calculations I had several more years to go on the loan.

Happy saving,

Thursday, September 10, 2015

August 2015 Dividends

Held In
Dividend Paid (Qtr.)
Amount Received
Shares of life purchased








Penny increase or ~ 2% div hike

As you can see in the above table an extremely uneventful month.  Stocks I own generate dividends (sometimes increasing them like KMI.)  Reflecting back if I had started investing right out of college I could retire now in my forties and spend all of my time with my new born babe.  My wife gets that privilege now while I go work for the man.  I wonder what it would be like to be your own boss and raise kids for many years.  I get a glimpse on vacations and weekends but I don't know what it would be like if both my wife and I had raised them together.  Right now work stresses me out (even the new job) and some of that comes home distracting me from what is most important in life.  

My noble purpose is to teach my kids the value of money and the freedom it can buy you.  With that knowledge I hope they can lead rewarding and happy lives.

Year over year August was an improvement so I am heading in the right direction!

Happy dividend collecting,