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June 2015 Dividends

Another good month of collecting dividends and reinvesting them in my IRA.  For my taxable account I continue to amass cash so I can make a purchase.   My market is looking better so I hope to have some cash to deploy soon.
The biggest surprise I missed was ol' blue with a large increase of 15.4 percent.  I did the math a few times to be sure of it (but I could still be wrong). If that is their pace for the future and they meet or beat earnings going forward I might have to add to my position.
 Company Account Dividend Div Received Shares of Life Purchased June CVX IRA 1.07 9.73 0.0969 No change in dividend TGT IRA 0.52 9.11 0.1155 No change in dividend MSFT IRA 0.31 7.64 0.1639 No change in dividend ED IRA 0.65 50.88 0.8843 No change in dividend

DFG Moving On Up

It has been a busy past couple of months for the Dividend Family Guy.  My wife is due with our next installment of the clan in August and I switched jobs in June.  What I thought was a good decision turned out not to be.  Less stress is good right?  Not so much.
The 10% loss of income I talked about some time ago created more friction between me and the Mrs. Than I thought.  Sure we didn't go deeper in debt but my budget was so tight you could bounce a nickel on it.  We weren't living on mac & cheese but we weren't doing much of anything except for free or discounted family fun things.  That didn't really bother me since we had fun regardless of how much it cost.  What has been bugging me is I haven't had any cash to invest no matter how much I trimmed the fat.
Could I have trimmed more?  Sure but it wouldn't have been enough to invest again on a regular basis.  To do that you either have to earn way more money or cut a big item out of the budget.  For me …

Investment Disclaimer

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