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May 2015 Dividends

Another month of collecting cash came and went and I almost didn't get it out in June.Thought I would take 30 minutes and knock it out.

Company Held In Dividend Paid (Qtr.) Amount Received ($) Shares of Life Note AT&T IRA .47 49.56 1.43
WGL Holdings IRA .46 48.10 .8744
Northwest Natural Gas Co. IRA .47 48.42 1.0837
American Capital Agency Corp Taxable .6

May 2015 Budget

May was the best month so far this year.  Allot has changed since then thus why my post is very late in coming out.  I will save that info for another post so for now let's take a quick look at where I saved and where the consumerist in me won.
Income Twice a year is the glorious triple paycheck month.  This was the first triple of the year and thus why my savings was the highest so far this year.  Just looking at the budget I was able to squeak under the limit by $24.  Boy that was a close one.

Needs K Category Comments Under K or Over J Auto Nothing out of the ordinary except for my yearly car registration fee. K Home/Personal Expenses

J Utilities Water bill time!!  Over as usually when this comes around each quarter.  I am trying to convince my wife to switch to a front loading washer.  She will be able to do more laundry and I will save water.  She is concerned the clothes will not be as clean from the lack of water.  Your thoughts? J Loans 2 Mortgage loans and 1 ki…

Investment Disclaimer

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