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Analysis of TESSCO Technologies Inc.

Using the DFG stock screen, TESS ranked number one for the month of May.  What was it the screen found as I haven't heard much on this company before?  Let's take a closer look at my four categories to find out.
Haven't done one of these analysis posts in some time so I am a bit rusty.  Not having any capital to deploy I still screen and look at the top ten to see if any are worth watching and that is about it.  Taking a deeper dive into one of those companies takes a little bit more time but I have some time now so why not.
According to their site they are the one stop shop for setting up or fixing wireless technologies for carriers or companies.  They not only want to design cell phone towers but also act as the supply chain for any and all parts needed to construct that tower and get it functional.  Wireless is big business but is also capital intensive.  So TESS aims to capture most of that capital by providing the most efficient and high quality service to the carrie…

April 2015 Budget

Staying on budget is easy I am finding when nothing breaks down with your house or your body.  All house systems kept on going and the family resisted all sorts of bacteria and viruses remaining healthy for the month.  I am very pleased to say we came under budget for the month.  How much did we save?  Let's take a look.
Income There was nothing out of the ordinary in the income department.  2 paychecks and I did get a small tax refund from the state.  That money went into my house repair fund as we are using that and our federal tax refund to replace our 20 year old HVAC (furnace/AC unit).  We found this great guy who does scratch and dent new units so the price he gave us was half the estimates of other companies.  The warranty is still good for 10 years.  He just said there may be a scratch in the paint job or a small dent on the sheet metal.
Other income was from my lovely friend the dividend.  I wrote about that earlier this month.  The only change in that department was cha…

April 2015 Dividends

Doing better this month as it is only May 8th and I already know how much life I gained back last month.  Even without additional capital I am still working towards my end goal of financial independence.
Company Held In Dividend Paid (Qtr.) Amount Received Shares of Life Note CRWS IRA 0.08 1.45 0.1786 Not sure why I bought this, no div increase since 2013 UBSI IRA 0.32 32.93 0.8763
GPC IRA 0.615 6.89 0.0739 %7 div increase WIN Taxable 0.392 30.3 N/A Stopped automatic reinvestment RSO Taxable 0.16 18.58 4.1381

Investment Disclaimer

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