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I know some fellow bloggers have side income/hustle listed in there income/expense reports.  Just wanted to let everyone know I have yet to receive any income from this blog (not that that was my intent).  What are my secondary sources of income?

Well the first would be obvious.  Income from investing in dividend paying stocks.  That money I currently just put right back in automatically to purchase more stocks.  That is income I will not see for some time.  I am fine with that as I know it is buying me time I will get back some day as long as I keep investing.

The second is any interest I get from banks for loaning them my cash in savings or checking accounts.  So I get paid to use their services like mobile banking and online bill pay.  No fees and these services do make my life easier.  The only time we buy stamps is around Christmas for cards.

The third stream is from shopping.  I am not a mystery shopper but I do use Ebates.  They offer deals and cash back by installing an app in your browser.  Sometimes I have gotten up to 6% back from shopping on certain sites.  Every month they cut me a check and deposit it in my PayPal account.

On top of that things I buy with my credit card give me cash back as well.  That gives me another 1%.  This and the Ebates almost pay for the taxes.  Yippee!  All of this income and I just don't know what to do with it all (kidding).  It totals just a few bucks a month and I am spending more money on things for the family than getting from these streams.

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  1. The Ebates sounds like a good deal. But i think it might provide an incentive to shop more.

    1. Yeah you have to be careful with it. I don't think it has altered my frugal shopping at all. Kinda like my credit card I pay off every month. It is just another perk for when I do shop.

  2. Thanks for the Ebates tip. I hadn't heard of that before!

    1. No problem Raptor. Just another tidbit some might care about. They probably track your shopping or report info back to the stores that use their service. Not a deal breaker for me as I shop at the same sites as I did before.

  3. Hi DFG,

    I've not used Ebates but it's good to know about it. I tend to use an airmiles shopping mall which gives bonus airmiles for clicking through their site, in addition to the miles gained from purchases. I think many credit cards have something similar now e.g. the 'ultimate rewards mall' from Chase.

    It's not affected my shopping either - half the time I forget to use it and when I do remember, the bonus miles / price has to be worthwhile compared to prices at Amazon. It has made me use stores such as Home Depot over Amazon on occasion but I don't mind that either since I own shares in HD.

    I hope you're able to get some money back from your blog soon. Every little bit helps.

    Best wishes,

  4. DL, As always thank you for the feedback and encouragement. The engagement with like minded individuals has been my reward. Kinda like kids where there is no tangible income but the enjoyment and knowledge gained from interacting has made it worth it. Just wish I had more time to read more blogs and spend time on my own.

  5. Hey DFG! Out of curiosity, do you know if Ebates works in Canada? Cashback credit cards are nice! I use it for almost all expenses to collect as much as possible and I make sure to pay it entirely at the end of each month. Since I barely use my checking account, it's not that hard to do!

    1. Hi DivGuy, Not sure on that but go to their website and check it out. Cash back is great isn't it!


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