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February 2015 Budget

February is my best month so far this year and my best month ever since I started watching my expenses in 2013.  Between no more car payments and some other adjustments I was able to cut my spending and work towards my goal of rebuilding my emergency fund.  Let's take a closer look and see where I saved and where the DFG family went over.  Yes it is almost the end of March but better late than never.
Income I have decided to follow some of my fellow bloggers and not look at any windfalls (bonus, tax refund, etc.) that might fall within the month.  I will look at my fixed budget (based on 2 paychecks in a month) and track whether or not I stay within that budget.  By keeping it simple I will have a consistent budget which will help me with my spending.
What about big purchases or travel?  That will come out of the emergency fund.  So if I do not have enough cash for it, it doesn't happen.
I liked the features of Quicken 2015 from Dividend Life's review so I decided to upg…

DFG Current Income Streams

I know some fellow bloggers have side income/hustle listed in there income/expense reports.  Just wanted to let everyone know I have yet to receive any income from this blog (not that that was my intent).  What are my secondary sources of income?
Well the first would be obvious.  Income from investing in dividend paying stocks.  That money I currently just put right back in automatically to purchase more stocks.  That is income I will not see for some time.  I am fine with that as I know it is buying me time I will get back some day as long as I keep investing.
The second is any interest I get from banks for loaning them my cash in savings or checking accounts.  So I get paid to use their services like mobile banking and online bill pay.  No fees and these services do make my life easier.  The only time we buy stamps is around Christmas for cards.
The third stream is from shopping.  I am not a mystery shopper but I do use Ebates.  They offer deals and cash back by installing an app i…

February 2015 Dividends

I am trying something new this month by listing out my dividends received by company.  The key thing to note is the Life column.  This represents how reinvesting your dividends has a snowball effect.  I also think it is a good representation of how much of your life you're getting back.
It may start off small but over time you will receive more dividends which will buy more stock which will lead you to the ultimate goal of financial independence.  When you reach that goal 100% of your life and time is again yours (unless you have kids.)  If you have kids like me at least you will get your time back when they are out of the house (kidding/I enjoy my time with them.)

Company Held In Dividend Paid (Qtr.) Amount Received Shares of Life Note AGNC Taxable 0.66 6.05 0.279
EROC Taxable 0.07 0.38 0.1532 Div. Cut Feb 2014 EVEP Taxable 0.5 0.36 0.0217 Div. Cut HRZN Taxable 0.345 6.77 0.4515

Friday the 13th and I am still alive!

Hello All,

I just wanted to do a quick post letting the dividend world know that yes I am still around.  Work on top of a nasty cold that hit me and the family has slowed down things at the DFG household.  On top of that the project I am driving at work has picked up a lot of steam.  So my lunches have been squeezed to a few minutes here or there.  More incentive of course to free myself from the chains of corporate life.  I will hopefully return soon with my February totals and what I "should" be looking at this month.


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