2014 Dividends

Sunny day at work.
It has been a good day so far.  Donated blood, the sun is shining and summing up my dividends for 2014.  It was a big jump from last year (mainly because I actual bought something).  Now that I got the ball rolling it will be tougher to top a   814% year of year growth for all accounts.  This was largely in part to my IRA which I can't touch until much later in life. 

If I just do the YOYG for my taxable account I get a more realistic growth of 224%.   I was never enjoyed math even though I had to go up to Calculus III in college.  So I appreciate the gift of the internet which let me know how to calculate growth.  I haven't set a goal yet but as long as I contribute at least the same amount as last year I will be very happy.

My largest payers this year were Windstream in my taxable account and SeaDrill in my IRA.  Well that will be changing this year since SDRL eliminated the dividend.   Well as I have read in your posts and comments many times slow and steady wins the race.  That $4 annual dividend from them was nice but now I pay the piper.

I hope you all met your dividend goals for 2014!

Happy investing,
Dividend Family Guy

 $     861.36
 $  1,568.92
 $  2,430.28


  1. You've got a nice total working for you, keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you. It is just a start but I am happy with it.

  2. Keep it up. Twenty four hundred bucks and change leads to some serious compounding over time. I did it. You can too!

    1. Thanks for the pep talk raptor. I will keep at it for as long as it takes to be free (and see my kids free).

  3. Hi DFG,
    Congrats on a great year! Your taxable income increased from 384 to 841 in 2014 if I did my math right ...that's awesome!

    You mentioned about your children - do they have any trust fund or college funds that you're starting for them? I'm just curious how tax efficient such accounts might be and given the time before they need them, they're well suited for investments.

    Keep up the good work on your blog and I look forward to watching your dividends grow this year!

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi DL, yes your math is correct!
      They have college funds I started a long time ago and have roughly doubled in size. They are tax free withdrawals for them if it goes towards a college in the state where we live. Other than that I have some accounts with Sharebuilder where there stocks and savings are. I wonder if I should move the stocks they own into a ROTH??

  4. DFG,

    That's a nice chunk of cash coming your way already! And I'm sure you'll be able to boost things highers over the coming months.

    Keep it up,

    1. HI NMW,
      Yeah this was the first active year of investing so it did jump up. Hopefully next year it will double again.

  5. After clicking your link, ive realized i was calculating my YOY growth wrong! LOL To think i took a stats class last semester!

    1. Hi D4D,
      Yeah I am by no means a math wizard. I love calculators and the internet! Glad to know my link helped somebody.


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