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Welcome readers to my story about saving and investing in quality dividend stocks.  This is my journey through life as I strive to save and invest so that I can retire before I am too old to enjoy an active life.  I am setting the goal at age 55 (fifteen years from now.)  Wow I can't believe I just wrote that down.  It feels good to get it out of my head and onto some paper (even if it is just electronic paper.)  

Who Am I?

I am the Dividend Family Guy.  Let’s break that down into how I came up with that name.  The first, Dividend, is my style of investing and why most of this writing is occurring in the first place.  The next part of my name comes from the love for my family.  I am a father of 5 kids and have been married to a wonderful wife for twelve years.  My family is one of my top priorities and providing for them is what I do.  Now I need to start saving and investing for them as well.  The last bit is also who I am.  I am a normal guy living a normal life (if you can call life that).

Our Journey

Why do I call this our journey?  I will be writing about finance, saving and investing in dividend paying stocks.  This I will share with you.  I also hope you will share with me some of your stories and even call me out when what I say isn’t matching up to what I do.  My goal is a pretty high one and I will need the support of not only my family but also all of my readers.  In future articles you can expect my finances broken down and my plan to save.  Lots of stock analysis I will be doing to help me determine which dividend paying stocks are ripe for the buying.  I may even share some of my personal life.  That is the main reason for all of this investing.  Some of my life has been good and some not so.  Allot of my past decisions I will share with you.  Those decisions will make more sense if you understand where I am coming from.  Through this sharing I hope my readers learn from my doings (both good and bad).  I also want to learn from others out there on the same journey as me.  I read allot of finance articles but I want to learn from others real life experiences as well.  So join me on this journey.

Happy reading,

The Dividend Family Guy


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