DFG May/June 2018 Dividend Income

Just a quick post that I am still alive and investing (and I have a new job.)  There is much going on in the DFG household right now that I will post in a few weeks or months ;-).  Also, once I transfer my 401k from my previous company which doesn't pay dividends to my IRA there will be another big boost to dividend income.  Below is just a quick snapshot where I am at year to date.

DFG April 2018 Dividend Income

The goal of dividend growth investing is to create an income stream from many companies that increase their dividend each year.To protect the income stream they should also be a diversified set of stocks across the many sectors of the industry.Let's see what companies worked for me and deposited those profits into my accounts.
Account Company Dividend Brokerage General Electric Company $0.48 IRA The Coca-Cola Co $9.75 IRA Universal Health Realty Income Trust $16.63 IRA Whitestone REIT $9.50 IRA Cardinal Health Inc $9.25 IRA Gladstone Investment Corporation $6.70 IRA Cardinal Health Inc $46.24

Gladstone Investment increased their dividends which I received for the month.It was only $.003 per quarter but I will take it.April is usually a small month for me as most of the companies I hold paid last month.Still it was a great month compared to last year (only $19.14.)That is

Investment Disclaimer

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